Dr Lingeswaarr Graphology


A good handwriting says how your psychological state is. The study of the psychological state by analyzing the handwriting is Graphology. The way you write the Alphabets says a lot about your mental ability. He will say the way you write your “p”s & “q”s and cross your “t”s explain how you behave. Because handwriting is your brain print, the way you write on paper is the way you think.

Dr Lingeswaarr will analyze based on the below techniques

Size of the letters: If they are small it indicates that you are a shy or withdrawn, studios, concentrated and meticulous. If the size is average it shows that you're well-adjusted and adaptable.

Space between the words: If you write the words with a broad space, it describes that you enjoy your liberty and don't like to be crowded. If you write the words in a narrow space, this shows that you want to be alone.

The shape of letters: The shape of your letters will describe whether you're a creative, aggressive, intelligent, curious, logical and make decisions carefully.

There are many types of techniques to analyze your graphology. To know your psychological state, book an appointment today to Dr Lingeswaarr.