Dr Lingeswaarr Pronology


Pronology is an extension science of Numerology, which is based on numbers. Practicing Numerology, for long, he says he did research the names of great men of fame, and invariably he found there were vibrations in those names. That explains why they had been greats. Now successfully practicing Pronology which deals with the vibrations in the name, he says a positive vibrations will get a person all the blessings and a negative vibrations will have a slow or evil effect.

"Those who have their names ending in letters 'no', 'lo', 'su', 'oo', 'end' 'war', 'il', 'di', 'dhi' generally meet with failures and disasters in life. By making proper rectifications in their names, by addition or removal of letters, they can be benefited greatly". Dr Lingeswaarr says about his science Pronology, on which he had done research for 15 years, evaluating on thousands of names.

Elaborating on Pronology, he said, “if a person is known by initials “VR”, it produces sound vibrations of “war”. This name, possesses a fighting nature, his life will be full of struggles and failures. If it is “VK” it gives the sound of “weak’ and the person who owns this name will be mentally and physically weak. He will not possess the qualities of the first person, such as vigorous nature, stubbornness, fighting tendencies etc. He will always act according to the wishes of other people. Therefore he might face several failures in his life; hence needs to be changed for success.”

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