Dr Lingeswaarr Signaturology


Signature will show the inner person in you. The way you are writing the signature describes your physiological state. With the help of Graphology, we will analyze the signature and can understand the future of a person. This type of analysis is also called as Calligraphy.

By analysing the handwriting we can understand the mental state of a person. Because handwriting is your brain print, the way you write on paper is the way you think. The way you move your fingers, the way you hold the pen & movement of your hand explains how your brain is functioning. This type of analysis is called as Signaturology & people who study this is called as Signaturologist.

In Gold Time in Numerology, based on the following process Dr Lingeswaarr will analyze the signature:

- Lines below the signature

- Dots at the end of signature

- Vertical extension of the signature

- Circled Signature

- Line above the signature

- Starting letters of signature

We cannot modify the handwriting because it reflects the change in the mind. If we modify the signature, it means the state of mind is not consistent. So, Dr Lingeswaarr will give you the best suggestion here which will help to change in the fortune.

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